Welcome to TimeCrunch, the easiest way to track your billable time!

I've been using a version of this package for the last 10 years, and have recently decided to release this product for Windows 8 for others to use.

If you have to track and bill your time by the hour, and you work on multiple projects for multiple customers, this tool can be a lifesaver. Imagine being able to easily record, track and analyze your time from any device, breaking it down by day, week, month, billing cycle, customer, project, etc. Each day, you click a simple button to start and end your day, then select which projects you worked on, enter how long you worked on each, and a short description. With just those simple things (which you are probably doing somewhere already!), you can now analyze and report on your data to your heart's content.

Let me know if you have any problems or want to see other features or supported platforms by clicking the Feedback icon.

TimeCrunch is extremely flexible when it comes to reporting.

  • All Details For One Day
  • All Details For One Week
  • All Details For One Month
  • All Details For Any Time Period for One Project
  • Emailable Invoice
  • Time Breakdown by Category (Billable, Training, Vacation, etc)
  • Monthly Time Analysis - how much have you billed this month?

Get It Now!

You can download the TimeCrunch directly from the Windows Store now:

Known Bugs:
None at the moment that I know of...

Future Enhancements:
I have a long list, but I'm looking for your suggestions - click on the Feedback link.

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